The Characters Are Super Unlikeable

The in-Madden nfl 21 coins game menus and overlays have some new fonts and colors, which would be sufficient to divert me from the pain of how recycled they are, if not to just how bad most of them seem. Everything from parts of the opening cinematic to the front end and in-game overlays has this horrible compressed video noise that manages to divert you each time it looks. The new pre-game intro section, which is the only real change to the in-game presentation this year, is filled with fullscreen video cuts and overlays which are rotten with the earlier mentioned video artifacts.

Referees were once more deemed to be unworthy of creating the on-field cut this season, just appearing in brief cutscenes where they predict penalties. Sadly, like the prior fifteen Madden matches, only some kinds of penalties will ever be called, which makes me wonder if integrating the true NFL rulebook within this game was ever a real intention of the publisher.

Madden Ultimate Team returns and you will be showered with pop-up advertisements to come check out brand new cards every time you open the game are enough of a masochist to attempt to browse the different loading screens. The manner remains unchanged, with a concentration on building a super team to take online for head-to-head conflict. The cool part is the way you’re able to spend hundreds of hours to eventually develop a team that potentially has the opportunity to compete with elite squads which other players simply bought Directly with their credit cards, just for EA to dump all-new cards part of the way throughout the season that are much more powerful than any others formerly in existence. It’s simple, simply spend a little more.

Face of the Franchise yields for another year of awful cutscenes along with a brand new, crap story where the game pretends that your choices or actions really have some material effect on how scenarios may perform. Patrick plays your faculty head coach that always breaks promises and uses emotional manipulation to ensure chaos in his locker area and knowingly tries to undermine his own team’s chances at a national tournament. Unlike last year, this groan-inducing farce manages to last after you get drafted into the Cheap Madden 21 coins, so you get the chance at more awful cutscenes once you become a pro.

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