Escape From Tarkov also improved its Shoreline map

With adjustments to Customs, there might be  Escape From Tarkov Roubles fewer individuals who will depend upon camping. The more moderen, more secure routes mean greater gamers could need to be lively in it. Furthermore, it’s now not handiest the Customs map that is getting a facelift.

Escape From Tarkov also improved its Shoreline map, putting a brand new scav boss named Sanitar. Sanitar is a former medical doctor, and he roams across the map. Players will discover him across the hotel, cottages, and even the pier areas.

What makes Sanitar risky are his unique skills. He heals different scavs and himself, together with numerous buffs. He offers a lot of them fight stims that have superbly devastating effects.

Players can also get entry to LOLGA new fight stims that have a ton of facet outcomes. Some can enhance your motion velocity however come up with a pain debuff the entire raid. Operators need to be more careful whilst the use of these fight stims.

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